20 minute fitness challenge

Become fit again in just 20 minutes.
 Our 4 times a week pre-recorded lite exercise session is perfect for seniors and mid-lifers striving to better their fitness levels.

Pay yearly

Cost: 2100 shekels for the year.
PLUS a special bonus: our
Restorative Sleep course (value: 190 shekels)
total savings: 610 shekels.
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Pay monthly

 Cost: 210 shekels billed monthly.

Membership is renewed automatically every month.

Commitment is month by month.
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At the beggining of every week you will receive four 20 minute videos to watch at your convenience.

You may watch them more than once.

The challenge will go on for 3 months.

Periodically you will receive extra videos explaining how to properly do newly introduced exercises.

Participation is conditioned on written permission from your doctor or health practitioner and is at your own risk. If you have any reason to suspect that you will cause yourself physical damage by doing the exercises refrain from doing them.

These exercise videos are to be watched by women only.

To access the videos, make sure to log in to your account. The login button is on the top right of all webpages.

The content is property of Xperience/Olim BeGil and it is intended for the member/buyer of product only.

It shouldn't be shared through any medium without written permission from Xperience/Olim BeGil.

Feel free to contact us or ask questions through the chat box (bottom right of page).

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