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Virtual Tours of Israel

Join us in this fascinating tour through the history and architecture of what is on the Temple mount today.
with Josh Hartuv, expert tour guide.
THURSDAY October 29th
11:30 am (Israel)
50 shekels
membership includes this class

Venture into the dome of the rock and the El Aksa mosque and see them close as you would in person.
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Rabbi Berel Wein History Series

Rabbi Berel Wein expounds on the History of the Modern Settlement of the Land of Israel

WEDNESDAYS, 11:00 A.M. (Israel)

25 shekels

Xperience membership includes this class
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Lets talk Hebrew with Elana

YOU CAN  talk in Hebrew!
Great discussion subjects- you won't even notice you've just been talking Hebrew for a whole hour!

This is a medium to advanced level course for you to practice and better your spoken Hebrew skills with  Morah Elana Ginz 

Classes take place on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm (Israel), 
9:30 am Eastern time
New group forming starting November
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Uncovering the Greatness of Women in Tanach

Live workshops monthly via zoom portraiting women from Tanach.
featuring Rabbi Avraham Arieh and Rachel Trugman
MONTHLY ON THURSDAYS 11:30 am. (Israel)
whole series of 10 workshops for 220 shekels
membership includes this class
Cheshvan: Chava and Sarah: Interwoven portraits.

Kislev: Rivka, Rachel and Leah: similarities and contrast.

Teves: Yehudit, Yael and Devorah: Fighting women.

and more...
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The lighter side of lockdown with Chaya Sara Ben Shachar

Join Author Chaya Sara Ben Shachar on a journey of true stories of how Jews around the world rose to the challenge of Corona.

No addmission fee
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Restorative Sleep workshop

gain the knowledge to make it part of your life.

190 Shekels

5 one-hour-video recordings are availble.

Master deep breathing techniques and stretching exercises
Learn the mind-body connection and how to harness its power
Understand how to relieve stress through relaxation and visualization
Explore the role of nutrition in energy levels and feelings of well being
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