Join us for our classic 4 sessions a week program
Classes take place during morning hours Israeli time. Most classes are broadcasted through Zoom, and some are prerecorded.

Yearly membership: 3020  Shekels 
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Weekly Schedule:

Pilat-sticity with Tamar
This combined workout  combines  fascial training and pilates concepts. It will give your body a stronger support system through core exercises and help ensure that your limbs and spine are in correct alignment bettering your posture and limiting muscle imbalance.

Bone building with Yaffa
Join us while we take your bones for a joyride in all directions, angles and movements.
Our target is bone health, putting emphasis on strengthening the areas most prone to fractures: Wrists, spine and hips

Core Conditioning with Karen
This fun class will keep you on your toes! utilizing all the elements of movement: Warming up our joints and stretching, Keeping our range of motion and strengthening our muscles and bones together with  balance challenges.

Jumba Toning with Elisheva

Let go of tension while you dance to the rhythm of the best Jewish music with exciting choreographies!

Focusing on coordination  and cardiovascular health.

Yoga with Sandra

Based on different yoga techniques, this mood booster class will enhance balance, flexibilty and strength and give you an overall sense of well-being. 

This class is divided into 2 parts: 
Mat Exercises and Chair Exercises

BONUS: The fitness initiative

We address your special needs!
Meet with our fitness professionals one-on-one for us to analyze and address your special needs. 

Your personalized program will include:
  •  A one-on-one analysis of basic functional systems in your body 
  • A customized regimen to be practiced daily.
  • Video clips with visual instructions on how to carry out your personal daily routine. 
  • An individual reassessment of basic functional systems every 4 months 
  • Updates in community setting which will include  fitness tips and relevant video clips  

Cost: 140 shekels for your personal assessment.


Every week you will receive access to 4 exercise classes to chose from

Classes will be either live through zoom, or prerecorded.

Activities don't take place during Israeli and Jewish holidays.

You will receive a schedule at the beggining of each month.

Participation is conditioned on written permission from your doctor or health practitioner and is at your own risk.
If you have any reason to suspect that you will cause yourself physical damage by doing the exercises, refrain from doing them.

These exercise videos are to be watched by women only.

Recordings of presentations, when available, will be uploaded to the website for your convinience.

To access the recordings make sure to log in to your account. The login button is on the top right of all webpages.

The content is property of Xperience/Olim BeGil and it is intended for the member/buyer of product only.

It shouldn't be shared through any medium without written permission from Xperience/Olim BeGil.

Feel free to contact us or ask questions through the chat box (bottom right of page).

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